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Summer Camp Session 2:  The Little Musicians 小小音乐家

Summer Camp Session 2: The Little Musicians 小小音乐家

$520.00 Regular Price
$500.00Sale Price

This is the bi-weekly tuition for 2020 ASMC summer camp session 2 of the "The Little Musicians".


One-time Registration fee: During Checkout, please choose $10 for Current All Stars Before/After School students, OR $50 for new students.


  • 家长或监护人同意书 Informed Consent and Acknowledgement


I will assume full responsibility for the safety of my child(ren) while participating in the Mandarin program in All Stars Mandarin Center


I will not hold the All Stars Mandarin Center 辰星中文 liable for any personal injury or property damage, which may occur on the premise of the school.


I will assume full responsibility for any damage caused by my child(ren) to the facility used by the All Stars Mandarin Center


  • 我将为接子女迟到按照辰星中文学校规定付罚款 Late Pick Up Policy.

If campers are not picked up within the 5-minute grace period following our regular dismissal time, parents will be charged $1 /minture/family, until the child is picked up.

I will fully pay the fine if I pick up my child(ren) late according to the regulations of All Stars Mandarin Center.


  • 肖像权使用授权书 Permission to Use Photograph

I hereby grant the permission to ASMC, to take and use: photographs and/or digital images of my child for use in news releases and/or educational materials as follows:

Printed publications or materials, electronic publications, or Web sites. I authorize the use of these images without compensation to me. All negatives, prints, digital reproductions and shall be the property of ASMC.

  • 付款及退款 Payment and Refund Policy

    注册费和材料费用不可退还。Registration fee and materials fee are non-refundable.

    支票抬头及邮寄地址如下Please make checks payable to:

    All Stars Mandarin Center​ and mail it to 1979 28th ave. San Francisco, CA 94116

    Or drop it off at Mandarin Drawer, main office of A.P Gianini Middle School (​3151 Ortega Street, San Francisco, CA 94122)



    Online payment (Venmo) is available:

    1. Please connect a credit card (3% charge) or debit card(free) to Venmo (

    2. Please search Venmo user

    @ AllStars-MandarinCenter

    Please write down the student's name in the venmo transaction memo.

    For example: Alice Chen, Summer Camp Session 1 & 2


    * There may be additional charges for tickets during field trips.

    *Withdraw request must be submitted via a physical letter or an email two weeks prior the first day of this session to receive a full refund. Any withdrawal request submitted after that will be considered as late request, and only partial refund will be issued

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