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How to apply?

Simply follow the steps below,


1. Click the button below that says "Download Application Form" to download the registration form in PDF format or simply fill out the application online and mail in the payment with your confirmation number.


2. Fill out the application form either with your computer (the form is editable) or with handwriting, and make sure that you check all the agreement boxes and sign at the bottom.


3. Issue a check with the corresponding amount payable to " All Stars Mandarin Center" and put a note on the check with the camper's name.


4. You may mail the check or drop off the check at the following two addresses

ASMC Office address:

1979 28th Ave. San Francisco

Summer Camp Site address:

3151 Ortega St, San Francisco, CA 94122

(A.P Giannini Middle School Main Office Mail Box)


Download Application Form

Session III: July 7th~July 18th

Little Artists of Traditional Arts & Little Folk Artists


Detailed Course Curriculum/课程细节

Morning Cultural Exploration:

Week 5:

-捏面人和糖人(Chinese craftwork: Clay Sculpture Dolls )

-剪纸(Chinese Craftwork: Papercuttings)

-刺绣(Chinese Craftwork: Embroidery)

糖葫芦(Chinese Craftwork: Tanghulu)


Week 6:

-绘画(Chinese Arts: Chinese Painting)  

-书法(Chinese Arts: Chiense Calligraphy)  

-民俗歌谣及当代流行乐(Chinese Arts: Chinese Folk Songs & Pop Songs)  

-民俗舞蹈(Chinese Arts: Chinese Folk Dance)


China has always been famous for its diversity and rich cultural background for centuries, especially in the field of arts. We will spend these two weeks to introduce what are the traditional craftwork in China and how are they developed to meet the current generation's value of arts & beauty.


Afternoon Enrichment Activities:

Week 5:

-剪纸艺术(Craftwork: Papercutting):

让孩子们练习剪纸艺术,十二生肖、雪花、人物、动植物、“春”字等。Papercutting is a simple yet delicated traditional Chinese craftwork that requires both patience and attention to details. You can see symbolic papercuttings on almost every important Chiense holiday and festival like the Chinese lunar New year, Latern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and etc. We will be teaching how to cut out the 12 Chinese zodiacs, plants and Chinese characters.


-折纸艺术(Craftwork: Oragami):


Oragami is another simple yet breath-taking traditional Chinese craftwork that requires both patience and attention to details. A lot of times, Chinese children would make oragami as gifts to their friends becuase it is believed to bring good luck and bear other significant meanings.


-捏面人(Craftwork: Clay Sculpture Dolls): 面塑,俗称“捏面人”。它以糯米面为主料,调成不同色彩,用手和简单工具,塑造各种栩栩如生的形象。而今大多数都已经被橡皮泥所取代。据了解,虽然面人的制作方式比较简单,但是却是一种艺术性很高的民间工艺品。我们将利用本周的时间让孩子们认识捏面人的起源及欣赏捏面人的艺术,并且自己动手做做看。

Clay sculpture dolls are the traditional toys for the kids in the ancient China, it's also a very good souvenir for your freinds. We will spend the whole week and teach these kids how to make these clay sculpture dolls.




Basic handcraft workshop for handmade toys like Roly-poly toys, bamboo copter and some 3-D paper oragami.


Week 6:

-中国书法(Chinese Calligraphy):


According to Stanley-Baker, "Calligraphy is sheer life experienced through energy in motion that is registered as traces on silk or paper, with time and rhythm in shifting space its main ingredients." Calligraphy has also led to the development of many forms of art in China, including seal carving, ornate paperweights, and inkstones.


-中国水墨画(Chinese Ink Wash Painting)


Ink wash painting, also known as literati painting is an East Asian type of brush painting that uses black ink—the same as used in East Asian calligraphy, in various concentrations. For centuries, this most prestigious form of Chinese art was practiced by highly educated scholar gentlemen or literati.


-京剧脸谱(Peking Opera Mask Painting)


Peking Opera mask, is a special cosmetic skill .used by traditional Peking Opera perforamers. The color and design of the mask can be picked based on certain personality, temperament or some special types of figures of the character. Red signifies masks of a strong warrior, such as Guan Yu, and black mask, said to signify being honest, brave and even reckless, such as Zheng and Zhang Fei, Li; yellow mask signifies vicious brutality, such as Yu Chengdu, Wade. Blue or green mask are said to be some of the figures representing irritable, such as Dou Ambassador, Ma Wu; white mask generally expressed a traitor, or the bad guys, such as Cao Cao and Zhao Gao. We will learn how to design masks based on each character's feature for the performance day.



-自制个性邮票(DIY Postage Stamp)

乡愁是一枚小小的邮票,可以把我们的思念带给远方的亲人朋友。我们将与小朋友一起,绘制自己的邮票,寄出自己的祝福。By making customized postage stamps, we are albe to customize our blessings and best wishes to our distant friends and family.


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