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On-site before/after-school Mandarin program


ASMC collaborate with schools and use school classrooms and facilities to provide safer and more convenient after-school Mandarin programs.


Small group Mandarin private lessons and exploration program.



ASMC also provide private programs for students who are not currently studying at our available school sites.




Home-based small group pre-school age Mandarin exposure and adventure program.



ASMC also provides home-based programs for toddlers and choldren with ages between 3~5 years old.




Why Choosing ASMC's after-school & Home tutoring program?


1. Safety is our higest promise


    At ASMC, safety is our highest promise, and that's why we collaborate with schools and after-school programs to share the facilities with them. By keeping students at their home school, we avoid potential traffic hazard that might occur while transporting our students to an off-campus site. Also, students are under better supervision within the environment and with school staff that they are more familiar with.


2.Tight connection with the parents


   At ASMC, we keep our parents tight with all the updates and events with our program. Not only for the safety of our students, but also for the parents to have the most up-to-date understanding how their children are doing in our program, how much they have progressed and how much fun they have with ASMC. We send out monthly/bi-weekly synopsis to parents to show what their children have learned in class, and what they should be capable to do with what they have learned.


3.Learning Mandarin is surely fun


    Is learning Mandarin difficult? Yes, Mandarin is surely one of the most difficult languages to learn on the surface of the earth. However, learning is always challenging but can also be fun if you find confidence in it. At ASMC, we provide lots of opportunity for our students to practice in class; in groups, in pairs, and even individually. We also provide a chance for the students to perform on the stage with what they've learned at ASMC. We designed songs, short dramas, story-telling competitions and topic research  presentations for stduents to actively present what they have learned. And this is how our students find self-confidence and build up their self-esteem and really have fun with the Mandarin language.

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