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                     Stories and Testimonial of ASMC Parents

"I am proud of my daughter's accomplishments! We are grateful to your Center, you guys are doing a great job. Nelly likes those Mandarin classes much more than those she used to take on Sundays."


-Nozima/Parent of a 6th grader @ APG

    "We are so pleased about Zachary's progress in the last semester. He can recognize many simple Chinese words, he can read simple paragraphs in Chinese, and he can even write a letter in Chinese to his classmates. This is AMAZING !!


   We had previously sent him to some weekend Chinese program, however, we didn't see much improvement, and what is worse is that Zachary lost interest in learning Chinese.


   Your program, especially Zachary's teacher Mr. Chen, is really fantastic! Zachary now loves to learn Chinese! We hope you can continue the Chinese homework assignments to the students. This can really help kids practice and memorize more Chinese characters.


  We are so grateful to your program, especially Mr. Chen. Wish you all a happy and prosperous 2014!"



-Huimin/Parent of a 6th grader @ APG

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