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Chinese Teacher


工作地点及时间 Location and time (可以灵活安排):

A.P.Giannini Middle School:              8:10~9:10 am

West Portal Elementary School:        1:50 ~ 6:00 pm ( 12:40 to 6:00 on Wednesday)

R.L.Stevenson Elementary School:   1:50 ~ 5:00 pm ( 12:40 to 5:00 on Wednesday)

Lawton Alternative School:                3:30 ~ 6:00 pm ( 2:15 to 5:00 on Wednesday


实习期 Assessment Period:


                       Two weeks to one month (depending on your experience)


时薪 Hour Rate

                       $20 ~ $50/hour 课时 (特别优秀者有额外奖励),具体面议(negotiable)


工作职责 Job Descriptions and Responsibilities:


  • Plan, implement, and develop curriculum and activities for the Chinese curriculum for different level students;                                                                                                准备并教授不同水平的中文班级;

  • Lead program improvement, develop all level curriculum and maintain Mandarin language educational standard;                                                                                    工作积极认真负责,有热情,维护中文教学水准;

  • Collaborate with foreign language committees and advisors to learn new methods of teaching the subject and correlate the curriculum to specific categories and individual student needs;                                                                                                   与其他老师积极配合,一起研讨如何提高教学水平,为学生提供更好的教学质量;

  • Evaluate and research recommended improvements for curriculum and materials in the classroom;                                                                                                                积极研究并改进更适合教学的方案;

  • Take part in workshops and conferences aimed at improving the intellectual, social, and psychological welfare of students;                                                             参加辰星中文学校的业务学习、集体备课、培训、研讨、学生辅导等活动

  • Advise staff in development of new curriculum, equipment, technology, and techniques;                                                                                                                         与其他老师一起分享教学方案、教学设备、电子化教学手段以及技术;

  • Organize design and creation of classroom teaching materials, and support instructors in daily operations of the classroom, including correcting papers, preparing materials and assessing student performance;                                           组织并设计适合教学的材料、记录学生的学习表现、修改作业,完成每月的家长月报与计划;    

  • Plan Chinese related cultural activities to facilitate the learning of the language;       组织与中文相关的文化活动,如春节、中秋等;

  • Recommend and approve purchase of teaching materials, supplies, equipment, and A/V aids designed to meet the needs of students and district standards;    

  • Interpret and enforce the rules and regulations of state education codes


招聘条件 Requirements and Qualifications:


  • Must pass background check.

  • Fluently in both written Chinese and oral Chinese, can communicate with parents in English;

  • Education background in Chinese Literature, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Asia Pacific Studies or related degree.

  • Certificate such as CPR, AED, First Aid are preferred.

  • 拥有在美国合法打工的身份(公民、绿卡,留学生需要CPT或OPT),无违法犯罪记录

  • 普通话标准。可以用英语和学生、家长及其他老师沟通

  • 责任心强,细致耐心,善于沟通,工作积极主动,有良好的服务意识和团队协作精神

  • 有中小学教学经验优先;有普通话等级证书、对外汉语教师资格证书等优先;有CPR、AED、First Aid等证书优先



联系方式 Contact Us:



​联系电话:(628) 219 - 6973  安老师

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