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            刘伟宏 校长

           Weihong Liu

  All Stars Mandarin Center    Program Director



    Weihong Liu was one of the original founders of All Stars Mandarin Center.


    She was also once a seeking parent for a proper Mandarin program for her own children. Thus, she understands what it takes to run a safe, progressive, entertaining and enjoyable program!!


Weihong Liu, Program Director

   ABOUT ASMC/关于辰星中文 

All-Stars Mandarin Center (ASMC) originated from a pressing need and has since evolved into a heartfelt commitment.

Dr. Wei Hong Liu, the Program Director of ASMC, embarked on a quest to find a Mandarin school for her own children in 2004. After an extensive but fruitless search, someone suggested, "Why don’t you start up a Chinese program?" This suggestion sparked thorough contemplation, eventually leading to extensive research and meticulous planning.

Today, ASMC boasts the establishment of four distinct locations in the San Francisco area, catering to over 500 students across 30 diverse classes.

Remarkably, ASMC's growth has been largely driven by word-of-mouth recommendations, with minimal advertising and self-promotion. ASMC remains dedicated to delivering the most highly qualified and promising instructors and a comprehensive curriculum, which has become the enduring hallmark of All Stars Mandarin Center.

   Thanks to the Confucisus Institute at SFSU and their Program Director, Mr. Jiaxing Xie. All Stars Mandarin Center have received plenty of resources and opportunities to provide our staff with quality trainning in teaching Mandarin. This is a picture of All Stars Mandarin Center attending the training in Confucisus Institute at SFSU

              Our Mission/我们的使命 


      Our mission at ASMC is not just to provide a fun and inspiring learning environment for the Mandarin language, but also providing our students the ability to obtain a higher academic proficiency in Mandarin in order to make them ready for their competitive future.


     In our middle school program at A.P Giannini has the objective to pass HSK(Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) a certified proficiency test that is recognized in China and some other countries. To those students in Adv-II class, we would provide AP level materials for them, so that their study here at ASMC would also prepare them to obtain AP Chinese proficiency certification, which is now recognized in the U.S for most collages.


Middle school objectives:

-HSK level 1: First and second year.

-HSK level 2: Second and third year.

-HSK level 3 and above: Third year

-Have an opportunity to make overseas friends in our partner-schools in China via emails or webchat.


     As for our elementary school students, we focus more on creating a fun and enjoyable learning atmosphere so that kids will learn happily and are motivated to learn Mandarin in a consistent way. Nevertheless, we also promise you that they would have equivalent opportunity to prove their proficiency through YCT(Youth Chinese Test), which is similar to HSK but focusing on youth and children. YCT is also recognized in China and some other countries as a official certification for the Chinese language proficiency.


Elementary school objectives:

-YCT level 1: Second and Third year.

-YCT level 2: Third and fourth year.

-YCT level 3: Fourth and Fithf year.

-YCT level 4 and above: Fifth year.

-Have an opportunity to make overseas friends in our partner-schools in China through letters.


Before-school progrom in A.P.Giannini Midddle School

 Our Philosophy/我們的教育理念


     At All Stars Mandarin Center, our philosophy is not only to improve our students' Mandarin in an academic way, but really trying to provide a program that would help all of our students and parents understand that learning Mandarin can be encouraging, fun, balanced and applicable.


     Language is the basic tool and skill for communication between individuals,and with the right language skills to communicate with people, it is more likely for us to find the gateway to better "opportunities" and richer "resources". So, learning mandarin with the right language skills and with the applicable approach is the central philosophy of ASMC.


     We design our curriculum in a balanced way, which includes Interpretive listening, Natural accent, Comprehensive reading, and logical composition. The ability to apply the stated communication skills has become the direct key to obtaining information (resources) and opportunities in the most direct and most efficient way.


     Therefore,  ASMC instructors and teaching assistants are trained to have a pro-active attitude towards education and to give students a lot of encouragement and support, and therefore motivate their enthusiasm for learning Chinese.

 Adv-II class in  A.P.Giannini Midddle School

Students in West Portal Elementary School are learning how to write their chinese name

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