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A.P Giannini Middle School 

This is the home page of All Stars Mandarin Center A.P Giannini branch. You may download the monthly synopsis of each class by clicking on the corresponding button of the month. Also, By clicking the picture, you may also view the albums or media files related to each class.

Beginner I class


Vernell Zhao 赵一诗老师



Class Discription

Intermediate IA class


Sabrina Pu    蒲广宁老师



Class Discription

Intermediate IB class


Shasha Huang    黄莎莎老师

Class Discription

Intermediate II class


Sunny Sun 孙雪枫老师



Class Discription

Advanced I class


Dandan Chen 陈丹丹老师



Class Discription

Advanced II class


Linda Zhang     张明晶老师



Class Discription

Advanced III class


Mercy Wang  王梦曦老师



Class Discription
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