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1. If my Children never learned Mandarin before, will they be able to enroll in a class?



   Absolutely yes!! ASMC classes are disigned to fit students from various backgrounds and various proficiency in Mandarin.

   At the beginning of each school year, we have a placement test for all the students, including the incoming students, so that we would be able to place them to the corresponding classes that fits their proficiency. However, if your children had no or very little (<12 months) background in learning Mandarin, we would place them in the Beginner class and evaluate each individual's progress during the first 2 weeks of school before we assign a class for them.


2. What's the lesson contents and the materials taught in class? What do we expect our children to learn?       课程内容及使用教材是什么?我们的小孩会学到什么?


  Our program curriculum is designed based on the idea of balanced emphasis on interpretive listening, natural accent, comprehensive reading, and logical compostion. All the stated emphases require not just a good set of books or materials, but an experienced team.

   Our program is currently using two sets of books, Easy Steps to Chinese(轻松学中文系列丛书) & Zhōngwén(中文系列丛书), and we also incorporate materials from Chinese Treasure Chest(中文百宝箱), Games for Learning Chinese(游戏学中文) and selected materials.

   Depending on each level, your children should be expected to learn more than just the knowledge from the textbooks, but also practical things as easy as how to intorduce themselves and advance up to presenting a personal study in a specific topic.

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