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ASMC Media Gallery/辰星中文活动剪影

2014 UCSF Chinese New Year Celebration Event



ASMC joined the UCSF Chinese Lunar New Year Celebtration Event and performed Folk Dancing, Stage Drama and Pop song Choir.



2013 Fall APG Halloween party



You thought you can only say "Trick or Treat!!" in English. Well~you will find out yourself

2013 Fall APG Shopping practice


我要买一包大白兔奶糖,要多少钱? It is not surprising that the first thing and the only thing that a teenager wants to learn in Mandarin is to buy themselves some treats.

2013 Fall APG Story-telling Competition.



Once upon a time, there were a turtle and a rabit dwelt in the montains...and they lived happily ever after?!

2011 ASMC events

& field trips


These pcitures were taken back in the years of 2011 and 2012 during our in-class activities and Grocery shopping feild trip.

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