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2014 All Stars Mandarin Center Summer Mandarin Exposure & Adventure Program









1. Program Introduction/项目简介


  It is noticeable that students tend to forget a lot of material they learned from school due to the lack of exposure and practice during the 3-month long summer break. And this kind of phenomenon can be seen more commonly in learning Mandarin. Moreover, Summer is also the best time for children and teenagers to explore new things and learn new skills that would potentially inspire them to explore the “unknown side” of themselves.



2. Program Objectives/项目宗旨


–To provide fun, communal and corporate atmosphere for Mandarin Immersion.


–To offer the lessons and resources needed for a smooth transition from Summer break back to Mandarin classes in school year.


–To promote more inspiring and entertaining events and activities for cultural exploration.


–To introduce a gateway to learning Mandarin in a more engaging way for students who had never had exposure to Mandarin before.



Session I:   June 9th~June 20th 

Session II:  June 23rd~July 3rd          

Session III: July 7th~July 18th

Session IV: July 21st~Aug 1st

3. Program Layout/项目设计


Our summer camp is offered for students in Grades K-8! The K~5 kids will be grouped separately from 6~8 graders for better learning and effective classroom management.



This program is composed of four sessions, and each session lasts 2 weeks, making the total length of the program 8 weeks long. From Monday through Friday, and with two options of full-day program or half-day program for each session.



Each day is composed of two parts, Morning Cultural & Historical Exploration and Afternoon Culture Enrichment Activities. A specific theme will be assigned to each week, and the weekly course curriculum, enrichment activities and field trips will be particularly designed for that theme.



We also designed one feild trip for each session and the whole day campers will have the privilage to explore the city with a whole new perspective due to the Mandarin immersion atmosphere.




     West Portal Elementary Holiday:Halloween in Mandarin!!

4. Program Schedule/项目时间表



Session I May 31 ~ Jun 10

Camping Fun (小小探险家)


Curious about camping? Hurrah, it’s time to pitch a tent!


Pack your bags with us for wilderness adventures. Enjoy the great outdoors: Campires and Roast marshmallows, Making a Compass, Ring & Bean Bag Toss, Camouflage dress up, exploring nature and much more!!! These events take place not only at our school site, but also at Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park.


Mandarin language skills related to things like animals, plants, weathers and directions are incorporated into activities.

Session II: June 13 ~ June 24

The Little United Nations(小小联合国)


Learn fun and play fun! In this particular session, we will explore culture and learn etiquette in our little virtual United Nation.

Pick the countries you like, take our little Boeing 737 “Funny Mandarin” through the continents, enjoy their stunning attractions and discover their unique culture. From China to Paris, let follow the teachers to set off a journey around the world.

Being a little representative and giving a sharing speech in our Sim Funny Mandarin United Nation Assembly at the end of the session. Campers will learn some speech skills in Mandarin.


Session III: June 27 ~ July 8

The Little Gourmets(小小美食家)


Come and enjoy our tasting party!

In order to preparing a fantastic party at the end of the session, campers will need to learn some mandarin language skills related to fruit, vegetable, meat, seasoning, etc. In this yum session, we will go to the Chinese Super Market to buy ingredients with their own hand-writing shopping list. The Traditional Chinese food cooking class must not be missed. Campers will learn to cook and order Chinese food during this funny preparation. More than this, we will learn to set up tables, making exquisite napkin origami, and some important table manners.

Wait for what? Come to join us! Little gourmet never miss delicacies.


Session IV: July 11 ~ July 22

Happy Chinese Holiday (小小中国节)


Discover the ancient and modern traditions of China through stories, plays, songs and flashcards.

By celebrating holidays such as Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival etc. students can experience traditional Chinese festival from different regions of China and learn the fundamental teachings of Chinese writing and language history.  

Chinese festival celebration are held every two days, will feature lively music, colorful dances and performances by all students.





















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Weekly Fieldtrip locations: Week 1&2

Treasure Hunt in the Golden Gate Park

We will bring our campers to the Golden Gate Park for a Scavenger Hunt field trip, which will require them to utilize what they have learned and practiced during the week to unlock all the achievements.

First Friday: 5-8th graders

Second Friday: K-4th graders

Weekly Fieldtrip location:Week 3&4

Tour to the Chinese Historical Society of America Museum

The Chinese Historical Society of America Museum was founded in 1963. CHSA is the oldest and largest organization in the country dedicated to the documentation, study, and presentation of Chinese American history. Through exhibitions, publications, and educational, public programming, CHSA promotes the contributions and legacy of Chinese in America.

First Friday: 5-8th graders

Second Friday: K-4th graders

Weekly Fieldtrip locations: Week 5&6

Tour to the Asian Art Museum of SF

After under the exposure to the Chinese artwork and history for two weeks, we'd like to bring our campers to see some mastermaspieces in person. This would hopefully inspire them and encourage them regarding their potential to create a new-age defination of Asian art in the future decades.

First Friday: 5-8th graders

Second Friday: K-4th graders

Weekly Fieldtrip locations: Week 7&8

Tour to the Randall Museum

The Randall Museum offers youth and adults opportunities for active involvement and recreation in an integrated program of arts and sciences. Focusing on the cultures and environment of the San Francisco Bay Area, the Museum strives to inspire creativity, curiosity, and appreciation of the world around us.

First Friday: 5-8th graders

Second Friday: K-4th graders

5. Daily Schedule/每日计划

Monday~Friday, 8:00am~12:00pm

1st Half-Day session


8:00-9:00am                             Extended Morning Care

8:45-9:00am                              Campers Check-in

9:00-9:40am                             Cultural Exploration Lesson A

9:40-10:00am                           Recess with Healthy Snacks

10:00-10:40am                         Cultural Exploration Lesson B

10:40- 11:00am                         Recess

11:00-11:50am                            Morning Enrichment Activities  12:00pm-1:00pm                       Lunch Time


     *Please pack your own healthy lunch and snacks

Monday~Friday, 12:00pm~4:00pm

2nd Half-Day Session


1:00pm-2:00pm                         Cultural Enrichment Activities                                                          Session A

2:00pm-2:20pm                         Recess with Healthy Snacks

2:30pm-3:30pm                          Cultural Enrichment Activities

                                                       Session B

3:30pm-3:45pm                          Wrap-up for pick-up

4:00pm-6:00pm                        Afternoon Extended Care


 *Both morning/afternoon extended care apply a fee at the rate of 7/hour.



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West Portal Elementary Beginner Class Playtime





Safety is our highest promise!!

Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School K-class craftwork

6. Program Venue & Cost/项目地点及费用




A.P Giannini Middle School

3151 Ortega Street, San Francisco, CA 94122(between 38th ave. and 40th ave.)


Cost & Fees:

1. Whole-day campers:

$560/session (two weeks)+Field trip $50/trip (optional)


2. Half-day campers:

Morning Campers: $360/session (two weeks)+ $50/fieldftrip (optional)

Afternoon Campers: $360/session (two weeks)+ $50/fieldtrip (optional)


3. Daily Extended Care:

Daily rate@$7/hr


Morning Extended Care (8:00~9:00am):

$60/two weeks (1 hr/day and 10 days/session)

Afternoon Extended Care (4:00~6:00pm):

$120/two weeks (2hrs/day and 10 days/session)


*A one-time non-refundable registration fee of $50 will be applied to each application due at enrollment.

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