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How to apply?

Simply follow the steps below,


1. Click the button below that says "Download Application Form" to download the registration form in PDF format or simply fill out the application online and mail in the payment with your confirmation number.


2. Fill out the application form either with your computer (the form is editable) or with handwriting, and make sure that you check all the agreement boxes and sign at the bottom.


3. Issue a check with the corresponding amount payable to " All Stars Mandarin Center" and put a note on the check with the camper's name.


4. You may mail the check or drop off the check at the following two addresses

ASMC Office address:

1979 28th Ave. San Francisco

Summer Camp Site address:

3151 Ortega St, San Francisco, CA 94122

(A.P Giannini Middle School Main Office Mail Box)


Download Application Form

Session I: June 9th~June 20th

Panda Emperor's National Holidays & Game Master


Detailed Course Curriculum/课程细节

*the following curriculum may be subjective to cahnge depending on the condition of the weather, classroom size and other potential changes.


Morning Cultural Exploration:
Week 1:

-新年与元宵 (New Year & Lantern Festival)  

-新年与圣诞节(New Year & Christmas)  

-清明节与万圣节(Qingming Festival & Halloween)  

-中秋节与感恩节(Moon Festival & Thanksgiving)


Week 2:

-国庆节(National day)  

-重阳节与父母亲节(Chongyang Festival & Father's/ Mather's Day)  

-七夕和情人节(Valentine's Day)  

-端午节(Dragon Boat Festival)


We will be covering the origins, traditions, stories and meaning of the listed Chinese holidays and festivals, and compare these holidays with the American holidays and encourage the students to appreciate the significance of each holiday.


Afternoon Enrichment Activities:

Week 1:

-象棋与围棋(Chinese Chess & Go):


Xiangqi, also known as the Chinese Chess, is a significant board game originated in China, and it is very similar to the Western Chess in regards of the idea and the rules. By learning how to play Xiangqi, children learn to observe carefully and think critically. It is also one of the most commonly know Chinese board game.



-广播健康操(Aerobic Gymnastics):

These aerobic gymnastics were designed to fulfill the recommended amount of daily aerobic exercise. The idea was first originated in the US but became popular in Asia. Many Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, and Japan.

The first minute of both video is a random performance chosen by the performers. The actual exercise is after the 1-minute-mark.


-寻宝活动(Treasure Hunt):

Students will be asked to fulfill tasks in Mandarin and/or follow sepcial instructions in Mandarin in order to comeplete "levels" of games and tasks-based activities.


Week 2:

-Chinese Board Games:

This session provides the opportunity to learn some commonly known Chinese board games like "五子棋/Five in a Row", “陆战棋/lùzhànqí”, and “中国跳棋/Chinese Checker” and also the more modern ones like "大富翁/Monopoly" and "卡坦岛/The Settlers of Catan".


-Chinese Card Games:

This session provides the opportunity to learn some commonnly known Chinese Card games like "斗地主/Dòu Dì Zhǔ;","大老二/Big Two", “捡红点/jianhongdian”, “心脏病/Heart Attack" and also the more modern ones like "三国杀/Legend of the Three Kingdoms"  and "富饶之城/Citadels".


-Chinese Martial Art Taiqi:

T’ai Chi Chuan is an ancient exercise which embodies China’s most profound concepts and principles of health and movement. It offers true harmony between body and mind.




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