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West Portal Element School 



(1)  My children have no Mandarin background, will they still be able to enroll in Mandarin Program?

      Are the classes organized by grade or mixed across grades depending on language proficiency?


Absolutely yes!! ASMC classes are disigned to fit students from various backgrounds and various proficiency in Mandarin.


At the beginning of each school year, we have a placement test for all the students, including the incoming students, so that we would be able to place them to the corresponding classes that fits their proficiency. However, if your children had no or very little (<12 months) background in learning Mandarin, we would place them in the Beginner class and evaluate each individual's progress during the first 2 weeks of school before we assign a class for them.



(2)Who are the teachers?  What are their experience with teaching young children?  


At West Portal School site, we have six experienced teachers, most of whom majored in Education for Master Degree. Four of them are Mandarin teachers from Confucius Institute in San Francisco State University. 


Currently our teacher/student ratio is about 1:10 to guarantee to quality of teaching.



(3)What is the usual schedule for the class (snack, lesson, enrichment?)


 Mandarin Class is 1 hour (2:50 ~ 3:50pm), Monday to Friday, except holidays. We follow the instructional calendar of San Francisco Public Schools District.


We will pick up kids from their classroom right after school at 2:30pm. After a short break & Snack time, we take class inside of West Portal school in Room 2, 32 or 26 (Depends on levels) 


No homework tutoring during the break. Students need to bring their own healthey snacks.



(4) If the child needs supervision after the class ended at 3:50 pm, what are the options?


All Stars Mandarin Center offers a Mandarin (Chinese)-based extended program which provides a safe, supervised and Chinese immersing environment that includes indoor and outdoor play, quiet study time, and a variety of fun classroom games and activities.


Our extracurricular courses include a variety of classes, such as Chinese chess, paper-cutting, handcraft, folk songs, etc. Homework tutoring and simple snacks will be provided during extended time.


We provide a very competitive price for Extended Program, which is $110/month (1 hour from 4:00~5:00pm), $170/month (2 hours from 4:00~6:00pm) or $7/hour (drop-in rate).


(5)Assuming the student continues this from K-5th, how fluent will he or she be? 

     How much writing ability would the student has by the end of 5th grade?

     Is the focus on speaking or writing or both equally?


Kindergarten kids who enrolled in beginner level, will be able to write their names, number, simple colors and daily greetings(like hello, thanks, bye, etc.) in Chinese. We put more focus on speaking and listening skill.

They will learn self-introduction, greetings, numbers, colors, shapes, fruits, animals, folk songs and simple poems. The Pinyin is showed on the textbook but we won't teach Pinyin officially until they get Intermediate Level. 




For students who learn Mandarin with us for consecutive five or six years, they will have the ability to write long essay(more than 100 Chinese Characters), read simple stories without Pinyin and talk with teachers and classmates mostly in Mandarin. 


(6)Are the classes conducted in English or Mandarin? 


Beginner and Intermediate Classes conducted in both English and Mandarin. Of course we encourage both teachers and students speak Mandarin as much as possible.


Advanced Class is alwasy trying to offer a Mandarin Immersion environment. 


(7) How much is the tuition? Is there a deposit required?


Tuition is $210/ month(four weeks). Day to day rate is at $13/hour.


No deposit required. You only need to pay $70 registration fee for now. 

Please return this form along with $70 registration fee to the Mandarin teachers after school. OR mail it to:

1979 28th Ave. San Francisco, CA, 94116. 

Please write student’s name on check and make the check payable to All Stars Mandarin Center.


We will send more details like teacher's contact and fee before new semester starts.



Intermediate class


Lu laoshi (路老师)



Advanced I class


Julie Wang laoshi(王老师)




Advanced IIclass


Mercy Wang laoshi (王老师)


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